MOACAC Presidents' Statement

While MOACAC is a professional organization and not a political one, we do feel it’s critically important to speak up and stand against systemic racism in our neighborhoods, our state and our country. Like many of you, we feel angry, frustrated and concerned about the injustice and inequity experienced by black Americans based on the color of their skin. We feel strongly that all of us need to acknowledge the injustice and fear experienced by members of the black community and learn what we can do as individuals to help.

MOACAC members come from every racial and ethnic background, various tiers of the socioeconomic spectrum, represent a range of gender and sexual identities, and span in age from recent college graduates to retirees. While we cannot expect to agree on every aspect of this emotionally charged issue, we can agree that black lives matter. As high school counselors and admission professionals, we must continue to learn about this issue with every resource available to us. We must find ways to work toward a better world for those young people with whom we work, their families and most importantly, every person of color. Those of us who are white have work to do. We cannot just make statements--we must also take action. We must educate ourselves about white privilege and we must help eradicate systemic racism.

Each of us will decide our own course of action, but we encourage you to do something to further the cause of equality and justice. Below is a list of resources you might explore to begin your journey to understanding, education and action.


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We also encourage you to reach out to your fellow MOACAC members from backgrounds, experiences, and places different than your own. Support each other and learn from one another and please let us know if there are ways we can support you and your students during this difficult time.


Dawn Michel, President

Teresa Bont, President-Elect

Charlie Hungerford, Past-President