Show-Me Virtual Spring College Fairs

MOACAC is excited to announce our partnership with StriveScan to host three Show-Me Virtual Spring College Fairs: 2 fairs for freshman students and one fair focused on current and future transfer students. These fairs will resemble more of the “browsing” format of a traditional college fair. We will also offer a few specially designed panel sessions on college planning and financial aid topics. StriveScan’s 6x6 Virtual College Fair format exposes students to a wide range of colleges in a lively and safe environment.

The Show-Me Virtual Spring College Fairs is for all Missouri students (and for colleges that wish to recruit students from Missouri).


Freshmen and Transfer Fair Recordings:

April 22nd Transfer 6x6 Recordings

April 6-8th Freshmen 6x6 Recordings

March 9-10th Freshmen 6x6 Recordings


College Fairs Co-Chairs

Andrew Laue
Webster University
St. Louis, MO
[email protected]

Katie Vargas
Francis Howell School District
St. Charles, MO
[email protected]